Pam Willis

About Me
I am a certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor. I have been a personal training as well as teaching aerobics for the past 19 years. I am certified to teach Yoga, Pilates, Group Step, Cycling, high-low impact aerobics, as well as water aerobics. I am currently working toward my Masters in Health and Wellness with a minor in Nutrition at Kaplan University.  I am currently a figure competitor as well as fitness/figure model. I have been competing for the last 6 years and modeling for the past 3. My specialty is figure competition, training and weight loss management for women. I currently have an in-home nutritional program -“transitions” –  which teaches women how to eat low-gylcemic meals and never diet.

Competitor History
I have been fortunate to train some of the top notch figure competitors in the state of VA with a track record as follows;

  • 5 class winners
  • 7 top five winners
  • 3 overall winners
  • 1 WNBF Pro winner